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What is ARKK Invest?

ARKK Invest is an investment vehicle for the public that focuses on innovation and thematic progressive investing. We specialize in developing the worlds first cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETFs) that targets the most innovative projects on the Solana blockchain. The company’s investment approach is based on long-term conviction in transformative technologies and their potential to disrupt traditional industries and create significant value




Q: “What is Arkk Invest?”

A: Arkk Invest is an investment vehicle, company that is producing the first crypto etf, and is working on a launchpad for new projects and many more exciting things.

Q: “How does it work?”

A: Arkk Invest will launch a token called $ARKK that will allow holders to stake their tokens and receive benefits for doing so, that keeps the project safe secure and moving forward. We will also launch a launchpad that allows new projects to launch and stakers will receive a portion of the new launch supply. Please refer to the whitepaper for any specific details.

Q: “Where and who is dev?”

A: the dev team is comprised of multiple individuals, some with a business background, some with blockchain and cryptocurrency backgrounds, and a CFO. Currently, we are keeping everything quiet, but will showcase those involved when we do the website update.

Q: “What are we doing to promote/wen marketing?”

A: Please refer to the marketing roadmap as that details and outlines all of our goals and objectives over the next year and change.

Q: “I get all that but how does it actually work? The whitepaper doesn’t detail any specific coding language(s)”

A: we are currently using proprietary coding as well as leveraging Solana’s best architectural framework to build out this project to its true potential. An updated whitepaper that explains the exact functional processes will be updated very soon as per the roadmap.

Q: “What is an ETF?”

A: An ETF, or Exchange-Traded Fund, is a type of investment fund that holds assets such as stocks, commodities, or bonds and trades on stock exchanges. It combines the features of mutual funds and stocks, offering diversified exposure to a specific asset class or market index while allowing investors to buy and sell shares throughout the trading day.

In the context of ARKK token, ETF refers to the bankless thematic exchange-traded funds managed by ARKK Invest. These ETFs focus on disruptive innovation and invest in cryptocurrencies that are at the forefront of transformative technologies such as genomics, robotics, artificial intelligence, but also we do not discriminate against smaller “meme” projects either. We are truly universal in that sense. The ARKK token may represent ownership or participation by providing holders with exposure to the performance of the underlying assets held within the ETF portfolio.

Q: “What are the benefits of the presale?”

A: The benefits of the presale are that you are getting $ARKK tokens at ground-floor levels. When staking becomes available, the higher the staking tier for presellers, the more incentive to accumulate $ARKK, as your rewards will be greater in the sense that you were earlier and have the ability to receive more % of supply from newly launched projects off ARKKPAD.

Q: “Are there lockup times for stakers? When will staking go live?”

A: that info will be detailed in the updated whitepaper in the near future.

Q: “Why does dev own so much?”

A: “Dev” doesn’t own anything. The team has 15% allocation divided up amongst the team members. That is lower than any other supply amount for a given field. For example, 15% for the team vs 20% for presale holders and 20% for the general public.

Q: “Who are the mods and how are they tied to the project?”

A: The mods are listed with “MOD” next to their names in the official Telegram chat. Some mods are team members, and others are hired to help

Q: “Why is the marketing wallet selling?”

A: The marketing wallet will have to procure profits to pay for the project’s necessities to move forward. We can’t progress without capital, so you may see the marketing wallet procuring profit only when necessary and for very specific reasons that will be backed up with financial evidence and published in an expenditure report made public for all to see.

Q: “When partnership(s)?”

A: Please refer to the roadmap. We are constantly working on acquiring partnerships and already have some in the works, which we will announce soon.

Q: “Any giveaways?”

A: Yes, we are working on some giveaways as soon as possible, but we want to make sure the launch goes smoothly before we start any sort of raffle or giveaway.

Q: “How will the DAO work?”

A: ARKKDAO, or the ARKK Decentralized Autonomous Organization, will operate as a decentralized bankless governance system for the ARKK Invest ecosystem, empowering ARKK token holders to participate in key decision-making processes. Here’s how ARKKDAO will work:


  1. **Proposal Submission:** Any ARKK token staker can submit proposals for consideration by the DAO. Proposals can range from changes to which projects are a part of the ETF, project development initiatives, partnerships, community events, or any other relevant topics.


  1. **Voting:** Once a proposal is submitted, ARKK token stakers can vote on it. Each token stakers voting power is proportional to the number of ARKK tokens they hold. This democratic voting process ensures that decisions are made based on the collective wisdom of the community.


  1. **Execution:** Proposals that receive sufficient support through voting are executed according to the predetermined rules and timelines. This may involve implementing changes to the ARKK Invest ecosystem, allocating resources, or carrying out community initiatives.


  1. **Transparency:** All proposals, voting outcomes, and execution processes are transparent and recorded on the blockchain. This transparency ensures accountability and allows ARKK token stakers to track the governance activities of the DAO.


  1. **Community Engagement:** ARKKDAO fosters community engagement and collaboration by providing a platform for ARKK token stakers to voice their opinions, contribute ideas, and shape the future of the ARKK Invest ecosystem. Active participation strengthens the community’s sense of ownership and belonging.


Overall, ARKKDAO enables decentralized governance of the ARKK Invest ecosystem, empowering ARKK token stakers to actively participate in decision-making and drive the growth and development of the project in a transparent and democratic manner.


STAGE 1 (Q2 2024)

  • Website launch ✅
  • Whitepaper launch ✅
  • Presale start 
  • Listing on Raydium 
  • Tracking Listings Expedited (Dexscreener/Dextools)
  • Extensive Marketing 
  • CoinGecko Track 
  • CoinMarketCap Track 
  • CoinTiger listing

STAGE 2 (Q3 2024)

  • $ARKK Launchpad Infrastructure Development 
  • Partnerships secured 
  • Articles released 
  • DAPP for Launchpad Release Development
  • Extensive marketing of DAPP Development 
  • Branding/Website redesign/update (V2)

STAGE 3 (Q4 2024)

  • $ARKK Launchpad Release
  • Extensive Marketing of Launchpad release
  • Smart Contract Audit(s) 
  • More Partnerships 
  • $ARKK DAPP Release
  • Extensive Marketing of DAPP release
  • $ARKK FUND Liquidity Aggregator Development
  • New CEX listings 
  • Community Expansion 
  • Biggest Crypto Influencers

STAGE 4 (Q1 2025)

  • $ARKK Liquidity Aggregator release 
  • First project on $ARKK ETF launches
  • Supply Redistribution from launch to holders via DAPP
  • Post Launch Celebration including Giveaways 
  • Branding and Website update/redesign (V3)
  • Massive Social Media Campaign
  • More CEX listings
  • More AAA+ Top Tier Partnerships
  • $ARKK Bridge to other chains development

STAGE 5 (Q2 2025)

  • $ARRK Bridge Launch 
  • Advertisement Campaign for $ARKK Bridge
  • $ARKK Chain Development
  • Community Growth Focus
  • DAPP update V2
  • More $ARKK ETF Project Launches


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